ŠOUKAL, M. Branding Strategy of Company for the Czech Market Entry [online]. Brno: Vysoké učení technické v Brně. Fakulta podnikatelská. 2018.


Posudek vedoucího

Zich, Robert

Author has demonstrated very good level both of knowledge and skills. He has been working independently with efficient consulting cooperation. Author has proved very good level of ability to solve complex problem. Question How would you "sell" your solution to the company? How yould you evaluate the contribution of your proposal?

Dílčí hodnocení
Kritérium Známka Body Slovní hodnocení
Splnění stanovených cílů B Defined objectives have very good structure and are focused on all parts of work. Meeting of objective is on very good level.
Zvolený postup řešení, adekvátnost použitých metod B Author has applied relevant approaches both in theoretical and practical part of work. Methodology is briefly explained in chapter 2 and more detailed information can be found in appropriate chapters. Author has created complex approach, relevant to the solved problem.
Schopnost interpretovat dosažené výsledky a vyvozovat z nich závěry A Author has presented relevant information in analysis. One of positive aspects which could be mentioned is the fact, that both general and industry analysis are focused on problem which is solved. Brand analysis is both descriptive and factual, when necessary. Author has realized a survey mapping customer´s view. Internal aspect were not analyzed too much because of limited access to this information. Author has proposed good conclusion of analytical part.
Praktická využitelnost výsledků C The practical part presents very good framework for the brand development on the Czech market. Specific approaches, plans of realization, more detailed evaluation of contributions could be included.
Uspořádání práce, formální náležitosti, použitá terminologie a odborná jazyková úroveň B Formal aspects of work are generally on very good level. There are some marginal problematic aspects as low printing quality of some pictures or some spelling/typing mistakes.
Práce s informačními zdroji, včetně citací B Work with information resources is on very good level.
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Posudek oponenta

Hoffmann, Přemysl

Objectives of the thesis are clearly formulated in all three common categories - theory, analysis and proposal part. In the analytical part I didn't find clearly defined strengths and weaknesses of the company as promised at the beginning of the thesis. Analytical part is pretty detailed (45 pages) and describes quite well the situation on the market. The use of author's own questionnaire is good idea, especially in strategic branding. I would recommend to use even-numbered scale in all kinds of surveys to eliminate vague responses. I would appreciate to hear stronger opinion from the author in some areas of the analysis (e.g. in the evaluation of competitive position - statement "It could be seen as Virtika´s advantage or also risk. It depends on point of view." It sounds very indefinite. So, IS it the advantage or NOT? What is your point of view? Market in this domain is quite competitive. It would be interesting to assess, if there is any potential to use Blue Ocean strategy, respectively identify and design Value Curve, that enables to formulate the right values - different from the rest of the market. This is not criticism, just the inspiration for the author. The practical part is based on previous analysis and it is obvious, that author knows the market situation well and is interested in action sports industry. All proposals based on Ko Floor's branding concept sound realistic and viable. Concerning the English language, the text is comprehensible, nevertheless freguent grammar mistakes are present (missing subject/verb, sg./pl. mixed up, incorrect conjugation in 3rd person, etc.). Final formatting could be done more carefully, e.g. headlines are placed at the end of page several times. There are conclusions stated at the end of each analytical sub-chapter, but it is not easy to find main ideas quickly. I would recommend to highlight more main ideas and conlusions in graphical and/or formating manner. Pictures are provided in a quite bad quality (in pdf file format). There are quite a few typing errors (unfortunately poorly detectable by autocorrect function). List of (mostly online) cited resources is quite long and quotations are well declared.

Dílčí hodnocení
Kritérium Známka Body Slovní hodnocení
Splnění stanovených cílů B
Zvolený postup řešení, adekvátnost použitých metod B
Schopnost interpretovat dosažené výsledky a vyvozovat z nich závěry B
Praktická využitelnost výsledků B
Struktura práce, použitá terminologie a odborná jazyková úroveň C
Práce s informačními zdroji A
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