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  • The influence of starting materials´ solubility on tobermorite structure formation under the hydrothermal conditions 

    Dlabajová, Lucie; Bartoníčková, Eva; Opravil, Tomáš; Tkacz, Jakub; Ptáček, Petr (IOP Publishing, 2018-07-12)
    Overall, the tobermorite mineral crystallises under the hydrothermal conditions from the CaO-SiO2-H2O system. The system of calcium hydrosilicates species is extremely complex and many factors play an important role. The ...
  • Tobermorite synthesis under hydrothermal conditions 

    Dlabajová, Lucie; Másilko, Jiří; Solný, Tomáš; Štěpánková, Eva (Elsevier, 2016-08-03)
    The influence of different hydrothermal conditions and starting materials on a preparation of tobermorite was examined. Tobermorite is a mineral, which, thanks to its composition and properties, is an important phase in ...