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  • Effects of the Lactation Period, Breed and Feed on Amino Acids Profile of mare’s Milk 

    Fišera, Miroslav; Kráčmar, Stanislav; Šustová, Květoslava; Tvrzník, Pavel; Velichová, Helena; Fišerová, Lenka; Kubáň, Vlastimil (HACCP Consulting, 2020-07-28)
    The effects of the lactation period, breed, and feed on amino acids profile of mare's milk were investigated. The feed contained two major essential amino acids (EAAs) leucine (7.31-10.3 g. kg-1) and arginine (6.37-9.59 ...
  • Influence of composition of feed and lactation period on mineral composition of Mare's 

    Fišera, Miroslav; Valášek, Pavel; Kráčmar, Stanislav; Kubáň, Vlastimil; Fišerová, Lenka (HACCP Consulting, 2018-03-21)
    The article focuses on influence of food and length of lactation period on minerals occurring in mare´s milk
  • Tin compounds in food – their distribution and determination 

    Fišera, Miroslav; Kráčmar, Stanislav; Velichová, Helena; Fišerová, Lenka; Burešová, Pavla; Tvrzník, Pavel (HACCP Consulting, 2019-05-28)
    The article deals with optimization of trace- and ultratrace analysis methods such as ICP-OES or ETA-AAS for charting resources of tin forms in foodstuffs.