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  • Design of Primary Feeds for 32m KDDI Antenna System IBA-4 in Cassegrain Configuration 

    Galuscak, R.; Watanabe, M.; Hazdra, P.; Takeda, S.; Seki, K.; Prochazka, M.; Uchiyama, Y. (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2008-04)
    Physically large dimensional dish antennas in Cassegrain configuration have played an important role in satellite communications during the past several decades. Recently, however, emerging new technologies have begun to ...
  • Dual-band Loop Feed with Enhanced Performance 

    Galuscak, R.; Hazdra, P. (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2008-09)
    This paper is aimed on specific problems of electrically small and deep dish parabolic antennas. Since these antennas may suffer with low efficiency authors describe design and optimization of simple dual-band loop prime-focus ...