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  • Dynamic Trust Associations over Socially-Aware D2D Technology: A Practical Implementation Perspective 

    Ometov, Aleksandr; Olshannikova, Ekaterina; Mašek, Pavel; Olsson, Thomas; Hošek, Jiří; Andreev, Sergey; Koucheryavy, Yevgeni (IEEE Access, 2016-10-20)
    Today, direct contacts between users are being facilitated by the network-assisted device-to-device (D2D) technology, which employs the omnipresent cellular infrastructure for the purposes of control to facilitate advanced ...
  • Positioning Information Privacy in Intelligent Transportation Systems: an Overview and Future Perspective 

    Ometov, Aleksandr; Bezzateev, Sergey; Davydov, Vadim; Shchesniak, Anna; Mašek, Pavel; Lohan, Elena Simona; Koucheryavy, Yevgeni (MDPI, 2019-03-26)
    Today, one of the most promising markets in the world is related to vehicular niche. At the same time, one of the challenges for enabling autonomous cars in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the positioning ...
  • A Practical Perspective on 5G-Ready Highly Dynamic Spectrum Management with LSA 

    Mašek, Pavel; Mokrov, Evgeny; Zeman, Kryštof; Ponomarenko-Timofeev, Aleksei; Pyattaev, Alexander; Nesterov, Sergey; Andreev, Sergey; Hošek, Jiří; Samouylov, Konstantin; Koucheryavy, Yevgeni (Hindawi, 2018-07-24)
    A diversity of wireless technologies will collaborate to support the fifth-generation (5G) communication networks with their demanding applications and services. Despite decisive progress in many enabling solutions, ...