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  • 0.3V Bulk-driven current conveyor 

    Khateb, Fabian; Kulej, Tomasz; Kumngern, Montree (IEEE, 2019-05-15)
    This paper presents the design and the experimental results of a sub 0.5 V bulk-driven (BD) current conveyor (CCII) using 0.18 µm TSMC CMOS technology with total chip area of 0.0134 mm2. All transistors are biased in ...
  • High input impedance voltage-mode universal filter and its modification as quadrature oscillator using VDDDAs 

    Tuntrakool, Sunti; Kumngern, Montree; Šotner, Roman; Herencsár, Norbert; Suwanjan, Peerawut; Jaikla, Winai (NISCAIR ONLINE PERIODICALS REPOSITORY (NOPR), 2017-05-23)
    The second order universal voltage-mode filter using voltage differencing differential difference amplifiers (VDDDAs) has been proposed. It has high input impedance voltage-mode biquad filter with orthogonal tune of natural ...