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  • Annual report on the activities of Brno University of Technology in 2006 

    Vanýsková, Jitka; Mikulášek, Karel (Vysoké učení technické v Brně, 2007)
    This annual report is being submitted in conformance with the Higher Education Act no. 111/1998 Coll. Its structure is given by the Guidelines for Describing University Activities in 2006 issued by the Ministry of Education, ...
  • Flexure response of thermal loaded concrete specimens by acoustic emission method 

    Pazdera, Luboš; Topolář, Libor; Mikulášek, Karel; Smutný, Jaroslav; Hoduláková, Michaela; Chobola, Zdeněk; Seelmann, Herbert (EDP Sciences – Web of Conferences, 2017-05-24)
    The response to fire of concrete structural members depends on the thermal, mechanical, and deformation properties of concrete. These properties vary significantly with temperature depending on the composition and ...
  • Using acoustic emission methods to monitor cement composites during setting and hardening 

    Topolář, Libor; Pazdera, Luboš; Kucharczyková, Barbara; Smutný, Jaroslav; Mikulášek, Karel (MDPI AG, 2017-04-28)
    Cement-based composites belong among the basic building materials used in civil engineering. Their properties are given not only by their composition but also by their behaviour after mixing as well as by the methods of ...