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  • DEP-on-a-Chip: Dielectrophoresis Applied to Microfluidic Platforms 

    Zhang, Haoqing; Chang, Honglong; Neužil, Pavel (MDPI, 2019-06-24)
    Dielectric particles in a non-uniform electric field are subject to a force caused by a phenomenon called dielectrophoresis (DEP). DEP is a commonly used technique in microfluidics for particle or cell separation. In ...
  • Detekce biomarkerů pomocí elektrochemických metod mikrofluidickým čipem 

    Klepáčová, Ivana
    Práca je zameraná na vývoj elektrochemického systému s mikrofluidickou platformou pre detekciu niekoľkých biomarkerov. Analyzuje problematiku použitia biomarkerov pre včasnú diagnostiku rakoviny. Teoretická časť obsahuje ...
  • Direct coupling of a free-flow isotachophoresis (FFITP) device with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) 

    Park, J.K.; Madeira Campos, Camila D.; Neužil, Pavel; Abelmann, Leon; Guijt, Rosanne Marieke (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-07-09)
    The direct coupling of free-flow isotachophoresis device with an electrospray-ionization-mass-spectrometer allows continuous online detection without any sample preparation such as purification and labeling.
  • Doubling Throughput of a Real-Time PCR 

    Ahrberg, Christian D.; Neužil, Pavel (Macmillan Publishers, 2015-07-10)
    We added an intercallating dye to probe-based real-time PCR. One set of oligonucleotides had FAM probe while the second one was without. We were able to extract two DNA amplification curves using a single fluorescence channel
  • From chip-in-a-lab to lab-on-a-chip: towards a single handheld electronic system for multiple application-specific lab-on-a-chip (ASLOC) 

    Neužil, Pavel (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-03-25)
    We present a portable, battery-operated and application-specific lab-on-a-chip (ASLOC) system that can be easily configured for a wide range of lab-on-a-chip applications. It is based on multiplexed electrical current ...
  • Handheld Real-Time PCR Device 

    Ahrberg, Christian D.; Ilic, Bojan Robert; Manz, Andreas; Neužil, Pavel (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-01-04)
    Here we report one of the smallest real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system up to date with approximate size of 100 mm × 60 mm × 33 mm. The system is an autonomous unit requiring an external 12 V power supply. Four ...
  • Infinite selectivity of wet SiO2 etching in respect to Al 

    Gablech, Imrich; Brodský, Jan; Pekárek, Jan; Neužil, Pavel (MDPI, 2020-03-31)
    We propose and demonstrate an unconventional method suitable for releasing microelectromechanical systems devices containing an Al layer by wet etching using SiO2 as a sacrificial layer. We used 48% HF solution in combination ...
  • Microfluidic Technology for Clinical Applications of Exosomes 

    Iliescu, Florina Silvia; Vrtačnik, Danilo; Neužil, Pavel; Iliescu, Ciprian (MDPI, 2019-06-12)
    Exosomes, a type of nanovesicle, are distinct cellular entities specifically capable of carrying various cargos between cells. It has been hypothesized that exosomes, as an enriched source of biomolecules, may serve as ...
  • Nanoliter-sized overheated reactor 

    Neužil, Pavel; Sun, Wanxin; Karásek, Tomáš; Manz, Andreas (AIP Publishing, 2015-01-16)
    We report on a microfluidic system formed by 200 nl water droplets, encapsulated by a 600 nl mineral oil placed on a hydrophobically coated glass microscope cover slip. The micromachined heater underneath the glass was ...
  • A New Method for 2D Materials Properties Modulation by Controlled Induced Mechanical Strain 

    Gablech, Imrich; Pekárek, Jan; Klempa, Jaroslav; Vyroubal, Petr; Svatoš, Vojtěch; Neužil, Pavel (MDPI, 2018-12-07)
    This paper proposes a new method for characterization of 2D materials under the precisely specified conditions. It is achieved by integration of a 2D material as a field effect transistors structures with a piezoelectric ...
  • On-chip three-dimensional cell culture in phaseguides improves hepatocyte functions in vitro 

    Jang, Mi; Neužil, Pavel; Volk, Thomas; Manz, Andreas; Kleber, Astrid (AIP Publishing, 2015-06-23)
    The in vitro study of liver functions and liver cell specific responses to external stimuli deals with the problem to preserve the in vivo functions of primary hepatocytes. In this study, we used the biochip OrganoPlateTM ...
  • Rapid Characterization of Biomolecules’ Thermal Stability in Segmented Flow-Through Optofluidic Microsystem 

    Fohlerová, Zdenka; Hubálek, Jaromír; Podešva, Pavel; Otáhal, Alexandr; Neužil, Pavel (Springer Nature, 2020-03-30)
    Optofluidic devices combining optics and microfluidics have recently attracted attention for biomolecular analysis due to their high detection sensitivity. Here, we show a silicon chip with tubular microchannels buried ...
  • Simple and efficient AlN-based piezoelectric energy harvesters 

    Gablech, Imrich; Klempa, Jaroslav; Pekárek, Jan; Vyroubal, Petr; Hrabina, Jan; Holá, Miroslava; Kunz, Jan; Brodský, Jan; Neužil, Pavel (MDPI, 2020-01-28)
    In this work, we demonstrate the simple fabrication process of AlN-based piezoelectric energy harvesters (PEH), which are made of cantilevers consisting of a multilayer ion beam-assisted deposition. The preferentially (001) ...
  • Single Fluorescence Channel-based Multiplex Detection of Avian Influenza Virus by Quantitative PCR with Intercalating Dye 

    Ahrberg, Christian D.; Manz, Andreas; Neužil, Pavel (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-06-19)
    Since its invention in 1985 the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has become a well-established method for amplification and detection of segments of double-stranded DNA. Incorporation of fluorogenic probe or DNA intercalating ...
  • Studium přírodního a vytvoření umělého nanostrukturovaného povrchu gekona 

    Vyskočilová, Marta
    Práce se zabývá studiem povrchu gekona v souvislosti s jeho adhezními schopnostmi. Pochopení mechanismu pohybu a principu adheze je důležité pro návrh a výrobu nanostrukturovaného materiálu. Stejně tak znalost původu ...