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  • Advantages of Combined Sintering Compared to Conventional Sintering of Mechanically Activated Magnesium Titanate 

    Filipović, Suzana; Obradović, Nina; Pavlović, Vladimir B.; Kosanović, Darko; Mitrić, Miodrag; Mitrović, Nebojsa; Pouchlý, Václav; Kachlík, Martin; Maca, Karel (International Institute for the Science of Sintering, Beograd, 2014-09-01)
    In this article, the advantages of combined sintering in comparison with the conventional one, of mechanically activated magnesium titanate ceramic were investigated. The stoichiometric mixtures of MgO and TiO2 were ...
  • Microstructural and Electrical Properties of Cordierite-based Ceramics Obtained After Two-step Sintering Technique 

    Obradović, Nina; Filipović, Suzana; Dordević, Nataša; Kosanović, Darko; Pavlović, Vladimir B.; Olćan, Dragan; Dordević, Antonije; Kachlík, Martin; Maca, Karel (International Institute for the Science of Sintering, Beograd, 2016-05-01)
    Cordierite-based ceramic materials are attracting much interest for their various applications in industry, for manufacturing multilayer circuit boards, catalytic converters, filters, thermal insulation, kiln furniture, ...
  • Microstructure and Phase Composition Of Steatite Ceramics Sintered by Traditional and Spark Plasma Sintering 

    Terzić, Anja; Obradović, Nina; Pouchlý, Václav; Stojanović, Jovica; Maca, Karel; Pavlović, Vladimir B. (International Institute for the Science of Sintering, Beograd, 2018-03-01)
    The influence of the sintering method on the mineral phase transformations and development of the crystalline microstructure of steatite ceramics was investigated. The steatite samples were fabricated from talc and bentonite ...