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  • Neural Network-Based Train Identification in Railway Switches and Crossings Using Accelerometer Data 

    Krč, Rostislav; Podroužek, Jan; Kratochvílová, Martina; Vukušič, Ivan; Plášek, Otto (Hindawi, 2020-11-24)
    This paper aims to analyse possibilities of train type identification in railway switches and crossings (S&C) based on accelerometer data by using contemporary machine learning methods such as neural networks. That is a ...
  • Train Type Identification at S&C 

    Kratochvílová, Martina; Podroužek, Jan; Apeltauer, Jiří; Vukušič, Ivan; Plášek, Otto (Hindawi, 2020-11-24)
    The presented paper concerns the development of condition monitoring system for railroad switches and crossings that utilizes vibration data. Successful utilization of such system requires a robust and efficient train type ...