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  • Application of Shape-Independent Orthogonal Transforms for Image Interpolation 

    Polec, J.; Pavlovicova, J.; Karlubikova, T. (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2002-04)
    In the contribution we develop a new method for object-oriented interpolation of images. It is an important tool in image processing, since using interpolation we can considerably decrease amount of data, necessary for ...
  • Hybrid Scheme with Triangulations for Transform Coding 

    Partyk, M.; Polec, J.; Kolingerova, I. (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2003-09)
    Our approach to image region approximation offers a complete scheme consisting of several steps. We separate the encoding of region boundaries from the texture description. The original image is first segmented using an ...