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  • Multimodal Features for Detection of Driver Stress and Fatigue: Review 

    Němcová, Andrea; Svozilová, Veronika; Bucsuházy, Kateřina; Smíšek, Radovan; Mézl, Martin; Hesko, Branislav; Belák, Michal; Bilík, Martin; Maxera, Pavel; Seitl, Martin; Dominik, Tomáš; Semela, Marek; Šucha, Matúš; Kolář, Radim (IEEE, 2020-03-10)
    Driver fatigue and stress significantly contribute to higher number of car accidents worldwide. Although, different detection approaches have been already commercialized and used by car producers (and third party companies), ...
  • Stress Detection On Non-Eeg Physiolog Data 

    Jindra, Jakub (Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta elektrotechniky a komunikačních technologií, 2019)
    Stress detection based on Non-EEG physiological data can be useful for monitoring drivers, pilots, workers, and other subjects, where standard EEG monitoring is unsuitable. This work uses Non-EEG database freely available ...