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  • 60-GHz Millimeter-Wave Propagation Inside Bus: Measurement, Modeling, Simulation, and Performance Analysis 

    Chandra, Aniruddha; Ur Rahman, Aniq; Ghosh, Ushasi; García-Naya, José; Prokeš, Aleš; Blumenstein, Jiří; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph (IEEE, 2019-06-24)
    Millimeter-wave (mmWave) transmission over the unlicensed 60-GHz spectrum is a potential solution to realize high-speed internet access, even inside mass transit vehicles. The solution involves communication between users ...
  • Out-of-vehicle time-of-arrival-based localization in ultra-wide band 

    Kukolev, Pavel; Chandra, Aniruddha; Mikulášek, Tomáš; Prokeš, Aleš (SAGE, 2016-07-19)
    The article presents out-of-vehicle channel measurement results in ultra-wide band spanning 3–11 GHz bandwidth using a vector network analyzer for localization applications. Experiments for different distances and different ...