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  • Influence of Skin Diseases on Fingerprint Recognition 

    Drahanský, Martin; Doležel, Michal; Urbánek, Jaroslav; Březinová, Eva; Kim, Tae hoon (NEUVEDEN, 2012-05-20)
    There are many people, who suffer from some of the skin diseases. These diseases have a strong influence on the process of fingerprint recognition. People with fingerprint diseases are unable to use fingerprint scanners, ...
  • PredatorHP Revamped (Not Only) for Interval-Sized Memory Regions and Memory Reallocation (Competition Contribution) 

    Šoková, Veronika; Peringer, Petr; Vojnar, Tomáš (Springer International Publishing, 2020-02-26)
    This paper concentrates on improvements of the PredatorHP shape analyzer in the past two years, including, e.g., improved handling of interval-sized memory regions or new support of memory reallocation. The paper characterizes ...
  • Shepherding Hordes of Markov Chains 

    Češka, Milan (Springer International Publishing, 2019-04-17)
    This paper considers large families of Markov chains (MCs) that are defined over a set of parameters with finite discrete domains. Such families occur in software product lines, planning under partial observability, and ...