Recent Submissions

  • Step-edge assisted large scale FeSe monolayer growth on epitaxial Bi(2)Se(3)thin films 

    Fikáček, Jan; Procházka, Pavel; Stetsovych, Vitalii; Průša, Stanislav; Vondráček, Martin; Kormoš, Lukáš; Skála, Tomáš; Vlaic, Petru; Caha, Ondřej; Carva, Karel; Čechal, Jan; Springholz, Gunther; Honolka, Jan (IOP Publishing, 2020-07-01)
    Enhanced superconductivity of FeSe in the 2D limit on oxide surfaces as well as the prediction oftopological superconductivityat the interface to topological insulators makes the fabrication of Fe-chalcogenide monolayers ...
  • Complex k-uniform tilings by a simple bitopic precursor self-assembled on Ag(001) surface 

    Kormoš, Lukáš; Procházka, Pavel; Makoveev, Anton Olegovich; Čechal, Jan (Springer Nature, 2020-12-01)
    The realization of complex long-range ordered structures in a Euclidean plane presents a significant challenge en route to the utilization of their unique physical and chemical properties. Recent progress in on-surface ...
  • Single-layer graphene on epitaxial FeRh thin films 

    Uhlíř, Vojtěch; Pressacco, Frederico; Arregi Uribeetxebarria, Jon Ander; Procházka, Pavel; Průša, Stanislav; Potoček, Michal; Šikola, Tomáš; Čechal, Jan; Bendounan, Azzedine; Sirotti, F. (ELSEVIER, 2020-06-01)
    Graphene is a 2D material that displays excellent electronic transport properties with prospective applications in many fields. Inducing and controlling magnetism in the graphene layer, for instance by proximity of magnetic ...