Recent Submissions

  • Multiple-fibre interferometry setup for probe sample interaction measurements in atomic force microscopy 

    Klapetek, Petr; Yacoot, Andrew; Hortvík, Václav; Duchoň, Václav; Dongmo, Herve; Řeřucha, Šimon; Valtr, Miroslav; Nečas, David (IOP Publishing, 2020-09-01)
    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) often relies on the assumption that cantilever bending can be described by simple beam theory and that the displacement of the tip can be evaluated from the cantilever angle. Some more advanced ...
  • How levelling and scan line corrections ruin roughness measurement and how to prevent it 

    Nečas, David; Valtr, Miroslav; Klapetek, Petr (Springer Nature, 2020-09-17)
    Surface roughness plays an important role in various fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. However, the present practices in roughness measurements, typically based on some Atomic Force Microscopy measurements for ...
  • Cell type specific adhesion to surfaces functionalised by amine plasma polymers 

    Černochová, Petra; Blahová, Lucie; Medalová, Jiřina; Nečas, David; Michlíček, Miroslav; Kaushik, Preeti; Přibyl, Jan; Bartošíková, Jana; Manakhov, Anton; Bačáková, Lucie; Zajíčková, Lenka (Springer Nature, 2020-06-09)
    Our previously-obtained impressive results of highly increased C2C12 mouse myoblast adhesion to amine plasma polymers (PPs) motivated current detailed studies of cell resistance to trypsinization, cell proliferation, ...