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  • Condenser-type Heat Exchanger for Compost Heat Recovery Systems 

    Bajko, Jaroslav; Fišer, Jan; Jícha, Miroslav (MDPI, 2019-04-25)
    The majority of heat released during composting is contained in latent form of water vapour. To improve the rate of heat recovery, a simple heat exchanger based on condensation of compost vapours was designed. A prototype ...
  • Simulation of the acoustic wave propagation using a meshless method 

    Bajko, Jaroslav; Niedoba, Pavel; Čermák, Libor; Jícha, Miroslav (EDP Sciences, 2017-05-12)
    This paper presents numerical simulations of the acoustic wave propagation phenomenon modelled via Linearized Euler equations. A meshless method based on collocation of the strong form of the equation system is adopted. ...