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  • Comparison of methods for flow border detection in images of smoke visualization 

    Caletka, Petr; Pech, Ondřej; Jedelský, Jan; Lízal, František; Jícha, Miroslav (EDP Sciences, 2016-03-28)
    A separation of the flow region from the surroundings is an essential step in the analysis of smoke visualization images. The separation can be performed using several detection methods from the image segmentation group. ...
  • Visualization of the air flow behind the automotive benchmark vent 

    Pech, Ondřej; Jedelský, Jan; Caletka, Petr; Jícha, Miroslav (EDP Sciences, 2015-05-06)
    Passenger comfort in cars depends on appropriate function of the cabin HVAC system. A great attention is therefore paid to the effective function of automotive vents and proper formation of the flow behind the ventilation ...