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  • Experimental Measurement of Nanolayers via Electromagnetic, Near Infrared, and Gamma Radiation 

    Fiala, Pavel; Bartušek, Karel; Dědková, Jarmila; Kadlec, Radim; Dohnal, Přemysl ($002fmsr$002f19$002f4$002farticle-p144.xml, 2019-07-30)
    We discuss and compare the results obtained from experimental measurements of a two-layer, Ni and TiO2 nanometric structure deposited on siliceous glass. Utilizing previous theoretical models of multilayers or periodic ...
  • Pilot evaluation of a fracture process zone in a modified compact tension specimen by X-ray tomography 

    Klon, Jiří; Seitl, Stanislav; Šimonová, Hana; Keršner, Zbyněk; Kumpová, Ivana; Vavřík, Daniel (Italian Group of Fracture, 2017-10-03)
    In the case of quasi-brittle material, there is a zone of non-linear behaving material, near the crack tip. A major part of this zone forms a so-called fracture process zone (FPZ), where mechanisms of material toughening ...
  • X-ray microtomography–based atlas of mouse cranial development 

    Matula, Jan; Tesařová, Markéta; Zikmund, Tomáš; Kaucká, Markéta; Adameyko, Igor; Kaiser, Jozef (Oxford University Press, 2021-03-02)
    X-ray microtomography (CT) has become an invaluable tool for non-destructive analysis of biological samples in the field of developmental biology. Mouse embryos are a typical model for investigation of human developmental ...