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  • Measurement of (n,) reaction cross section of W-186-isotope at neutron energy of 20.02±0.58 MeV 

    Mehta, M.; Singh, N.L.; Makwana, R.; Subhash, P.V.; Suryanarayana, S.V.; Parashari, S.; Chauhan, Rakesh; Singh, R.K.; Naik, H.; Mukherjee, S.; Soni, B.; Khirwadkar, S.; Varmuža, Jan; Katovský, Karel (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, 2020-05-30)
    The cross-section of 186W(n,)187W reaction has been measured at an average neutron energy of 20.02±0.58 MeV by using activation technique. The 27Al(n,)24Na and 115In(n,n´)115mIn reactions have been used for absolute neutron ...