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  • Infinite selectivity of wet SiO2 etching in respect to Al 

    Gablech, Imrich; Brodský, Jan; Pekárek, Jan; Neužil, Pavel (MDPI, 2020-03-31)
    We propose and demonstrate an unconventional method suitable for releasing microelectromechanical systems devices containing an Al layer by wet etching using SiO2 as a sacrificial layer. We used 48% HF solution in combination ...
  • Multi-electrode array with a planar surface for cell patterning by microprinting 

    Slavík, Jan; Skopalík, Josef; Provazník, Ivo; Hubálek, Jaromír (MDPI, 2019-12-05)
    Multielectrode arrays (MEAs) are devices for non-invasive electrophysiological measurements of cell populations. This paper describes a novel fabrication method of MEAs with a fully planar surface. The surface of the ...