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  • X-ray microtomography imaging of craniofacial hard tissues in selected reptile species with different types of dentition 

    Kavková, Michaela; Šulcová, Marie; Zikmund, Tomáš; Pyszko, Martin; Kaiser, Jozef; Buchtová, Marcela (Oxford University Press, 2022-03-07)
    Background Reptiles exhibit a large heterogeneity in teeth morphology. The main variability comprises the different tooth shape, the type of tooth attachment to the underlying bone, or the ability to replace the teeth. ...
  • X-ray microtomography–based atlas of mouse cranial development 

    Matula, Jan; Tesařová, Markéta; Zikmund, Tomáš; Kaucká, Markéta; Adameyko, Igor; Kaiser, Jozef (Oxford University Press, 2021-03-02)
    X-ray microtomography (CT) has become an invaluable tool for non-destructive analysis of biological samples in the field of developmental biology. Mouse embryos are a typical model for investigation of human developmental ...