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  • DUCT reveals architectural mechanisms contributing to bile duct recovery in a mouse model for Alagille syndrome 

    Hankeová, Simona; Šalplachta, Jakub; Zikmund, Tomáš; Kavková, Michaela; Van Hul, Noemi; Břínek, Adam; Smékalová, Veronika; Lázňovský, Jakub; Dawit, Feven; Jaroš, Josef; Bryja, Vítězslav; Lendahl, Urban; ellis, ewa; Nemeth, Antal; Fischler, Björn; Hanneso, Edouard; Kaiser, Jozef; Andersson, Emma Rachel (ELIFE SCIENCES PUBLICATIONS LTD, 2021-02-26)
    Organ function depends on tissues adopting the correct architecture. However, insights into organ architecture are currently hampered by an absence of standardized quantitative 3D analysis. We aimed to develop a robust ...
  • DUCT: Double Resin Casting followed by Micro-Computed Tomography for 3D Liver Analysis 

    Hankeová, Simona; Šalplachta, Jakub; Van Hul, Noemi; Kavková, Michaela; Iqbal, Afsan; Zikmund, Tomáš; Kaiser, Jozef; Andersson, Emma Rachel (MYJoVE Corporation, 2021-09-28)
    The liver is the biggest internal organ in humans and mice, and high auto-fluorescence presents a significant challenge for assessing the three-dimensional (3D) architecture of the organ at the whole-organ level. Liver ...