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    6 ½ digit multimeter, LTZ1000A, design, testing, bench multimeter, measuring device, ovenized multimeter, DMM, precise instrumentation [1]
    AAS, Industry 4.0, PLC, OPC UA [1]
    accident tolerant fuel, MELCOR, FeCrAl, hydrogen production [1]
    actigraphy, machine learning, Parkinson’s disease, SHAP values, sleep diaries, sleep disorders, XGBoost [1]
    Aquaristics, Aquarium automation, AVR, ATMEGA, ESP32, pH, LCD [1]
    Asymmetric waveform, capacitor discharge, cell electroporation, DC­AC inverter, high frequency, MOSFET transistor, pulse transformer [1]
    Atmospheric turbulence, matrix optics, cascade of turbulent cells, turbulent model, ABCD matrix [1]
    Bacterial genome, Functional annotation, COG, eggNOG-mapper, Operonmapper, Batch CD-Search [1]
    beat tracking, classical music, downbeat detection, DTW, music information retrieval, music performance analysis, synchronization [1]
    Beehive monitoring, sensors, IoT, GSM, ESP [1]
    bone tissue engineering; polyvinylidene fluoride; piezoelectric properties; scaffolds; osteoblasts [1]
    Brain vessel, Hessian-based filters, vessel enhancement, CT angiography [1]
    butanoate, metabolism, bioplastics, biotechnology [1]
    C#, TIA Portal, TIA Portal Openness, Windows form application [1]
    calculation comparison, induction motor drives, loss minimization algorith, power losses [1]
    chromosome classification, deep learning, model ensembling, convolutional neural networks [1]
    clustering, detection, JA3, JA3s, malware [1]
    Cold field emission, single-tip field emitters, tungsten tip, aluminum oxide, dielectric coatings, Murphy-Good plot [1]
    Colour filter array, Bayer matrix, demosaicing, debayering, lens quality, MTF [1]
    Correlation, deep learning, log processing, meta key extraction, natural language processing, SIEM, question answering [1]