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  • Challenges and Contradictions of Metal Nano-Particle Applications for Radio-Sensitivity Enhancement in Cancer Therapy 

    Pagáčová, Eva; Štefančíková, Lenka; Schmidt-Kaler, Franz; Hildenbrand, Georg; Vičar, Tomáš; Depeš, Daniel; Lee, Jin-Ho; Bestvater, Felix; Lacombe, Sandrine; Porcel, Erika; Roux, Stéphane; Wenz, Frederik; Kopečná, Olga; Falková, Iva; Hausmann, Michael; Falk, Martin (MDPI, 2019-01-30)
    From the very beginnings of radiotherapy, a crucial question persists with how to target the radiation effectiveness into the tumor while preserving surrounding tissues as undamaged as possible. One promising approach is ...