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  • Availability of Suitable Raw Materials Determining the Prospect for Energy Storage Systems Based on Redox Flow Batteries 

    Vanýsek, Petr; Novák, Vítězslav (Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies (FBERG), Technical University of Kosice, 2018-04-30)
    Successful large-scale deployment and manufacturing of newly designed products depends on the availability of raw materials and therefore even fundamental research on electrochemical energy sources cannot ignore the need ...
  • An In Vitro Corrosion Study of Open Cell Iron Structures with PEG Coating for Bone Replacement Applications 

    Haverová, Lucia; Orinaková, Renáta; Oriňak, Andrej; Gorejová, Radka; Baláž, Matej; Vanýsek, Petr; Kupková, Miriam; Hrubovčáková, Monika; Mudroň, Pavol; Radoňák, Jozef; Orságová Králová, Zuzana; Morovská Turoňová, Andrea (MDPI, 2018-06-28)
    Iron-based substrates with polyethylene glycol coating were prepared as possible materials for biodegradable orthopedic implants. Biodegradable materials that provide mechanical support of the diseased tissue at the time ...
  • Photoelectric Properties of Solar Cells Based on Perovskites 

    Novák, Vítězslav; Vanýsek, Petr; Weiter, Martin (Czech Technical University in Prague, 2018-03-13)
    Here we discuss materials and construction of particular solar cells that could be possible replacement for the current silicon-based photovoltaic cells, and methods of studying their performance. Solar cells based on the ...