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  • The Asset Administration Shell of Operator in the Platform of Industry 4.0 

    Marcoň, Petr; Zezulka, František; Arm, Jakub; Benešl, Tomáš; Veselý, Ivo; Bradáč, Zdeněk; Diedrich, Christian; Schröder, Tizian; Belyaev, Alexander (IEEE, 2018-12-05)
    We discuss the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) concept of Industry 4.0 (I4.0), characterizing the current status of industrial automation and outlining the advantages of more deeply digitized manufacturing where the AAS ...
  • A Real Model of a Micro-Grid to Improve Network Stability 

    Marcoň, Petr; Szabó, Zoltán; Veselý, Ivo; Zezulka, František; Sajdl, Ondřej; Roubal, Zdeněk; Dohnal, Přemysl (MDPI, 2017-07-30)
    This paper discusses the smart energy model of a smart grid using a significant share of renewable energy sources combined with intelligent control that processes information from a smart metering subsystem. An algorithm ...