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  • Comparison of Bit Error Rate of Line Codes in NG-PON2 

    Horváth, Tomáš; Fujdiak, Radek; Čučka, Milan; Mišurec, Jiří; Mangová, Marie (IJATES, 2016-05-31)
    This article focuses on simulation and comparison of line codes NRZ (Non Return to Zero), RZ (Return to Zero) and Miller’s code for NG-PON2 (Next-Generation Passive Optical Network Stage 2) using.
  • The influence of digital modulations on 320 Gbit/s OTDM 

    Kočí, Lukáš; Münster, Petr; Horváth, Tomáš; Čučka, Milan; Filka, Miloslav (Croatian Communications and Information Society, 2016-06-01)
    The main contribution of this paper is application modulation formats in the 320Gbit/s OTDM and their comparison.