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  • On a product of universal hyperalgebras 

    Šlapal, Josef; Chaisansuk, Nitima (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Ovidius University, 2015-05-15)
    We introduce and study a new operation of product of universal hyperalgebras which lies, with respect to set inclusion, between the cartesian product of the hyperalgebras and the cartesian product of their idempotent hulls. ...
  • On the stability of some properties of partial algebras under powers 

    Šlapal, Josef; Leeratanavalee, Sorasak; Chaisansuk, Nitima (SAV, 2014-04-01)
    In the paper, we study eight properties of partial algebras most of which are related to diagonality. For each of the properties, we give sufficient conditions under which this property is preserved by powers of partial algebras.
  • Topological structuring of the digital plane 

    Šlapal, Josef (DMTCS, 2013-08-01)
    We discuss an Alexandroff topology on the digital plane having the property that its quotient topologies include the Khalimsky and Marcus-Wyse topologies. We introduce a further quotient topology of the topology discussed and ...