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  • Load Torque Analysis of Induction Machine 

    Kroupa, Martin; Ondrůšek, Čestmír; Huzlík, Rostislav (MM publishing s.r.o, 2016-03-08)
    This paper is focused on the load torque evaluation of the induction machine. There is described the problem of load torque oscillations and its impact to other electromagnetic variables in induction machine. In this ...
  • The methodology for endoluminal irreversible electroporation in porcine models 

    Grolich, Tomáš; Andrašína, Tomáš; Crha, Michal; Stehlík, Ladislav; Rohan, Tomáš; Červinka, Dalibor; Novotná, Veronika; Bernard, Vladan; Svobodová, Iva; Válek, Vlastimil (Acta Veterinaria Brno, 2019-04-23)
    The aim of this study was to describe the methodology of the surgical technique for endoluminal irreversible electroporation in the biliary tract performed within the perihilar region in porcine models. Endoluminal ...
  • Numerical simulation and experimental visualization of the separated cavitating boundary layer over NACA2412 

    Kozák, Jiří; Rudolf, Pavel; Sedlář, Milan; Habán, Vladimír; Hudec, Martin; Huzlík, Rostislav (EDP Sciences, 2015-05-06)
    Cavitation is physical phenomenon of crucial impact on the operation range and service lifetime of the hydraulic machines (pumps, turbines, valves etc.). Experimental measurement of cavitation is expensive and time consuming ...
  • Numerically optimized band boundaries of Planck mean absorption coefficients in air plasma 

    Kloc, Petr; Aubrecht, Vladimír; Bartlová, Milada (IOP Publishing, 2017-08-02)
    Radiation heat transfer plays an important role in the energy balance of plasma in an electric arc and its accurate prediction is essential for the development of new electrical devices. Unfortunately, a very complex ...
  • On the Selection of Integration Intervals for the Calculation of Mean Absorption Coefficients 

    Kloc, Petr; Aubrecht, Vladimír; Bartlová, Milada; Coufal, Oldřich; Rümpler, Christian (Springer US, 2015-10-18)
    In radiation modeling of thermal plasmas non-grey models are applied where the radiative transport is described in several frequency bands (spectral intervals). Hereby mean absorption coefficients have to be calculated by ...
  • P1-approximation for radiative transfer: application to SF6 + Cu arc plasmas 

    Bogatyreva, Nadezda; Bartlová, Milada; Aubrecht, Vladimír; Holcman, Vladimír (De Gruyter Open, 2014-12-01)
    The objective of the paper consists of a theoretical prediction of radiative heat transfer in arc plasmas of SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride) with various admixtures of copper vapours. As a mathematical tool the P1-approximation ...
  • A Review of Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Composites Filled with AIN or BN 

    Samek, Josef; Ondrůšek, Čestmír; Kurfűrst, Jiří (IEEE, 2017-08-31)
    new possibility to improve thermal properties and lifetime of electrical machines is adding some micro- or nano- particles to the epoxy resin and improve the heat dissipation of the machine. This will reduce the temperature ...
  • Rotor Design and Optimization of Synchronous Reluctance Machine 

    Bárta, Jan; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (MM publishing s.r.o., 2015-03-11)
    Svět má bezedný apetit po elektrické energii. Většina této energie je použivána pro napájení elektrických strojů. Díky tomu elektrické stroje reprezentují velký potenciál pro energetické úspory. Synchronní reluktanční motor ...
  • Spatio-temporal description of the cavitating flow behavior around NACA 2412 hydrofoil 

    Rudolf, Pavel; Štefan, David; Sedlář, Milan; Kozák, Jiří; Habán, Vladimír; Huzlík, Rostislav (IOP Publishing, 2015-12-06)
    Spatio-temporal description of the cavitating flow around hydrofoil with 8 degrees incidence using proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) is presented. POD is a suitable tool, which provides information not only about the ...
  • Thermal protection implementation of the contact overheadline based on bay controllers of electric transport traction substations in the mining industry 

    Lantsev, Dmitrij; Frolov, Vladimir; Zverev, Sergej; Uhrlandt, Dirk; Valenta, Jiří (Saint Petersburg Minin University, 2021-10-29)
    The article presents the principle of thermal protection of the contact overheadlineand substantiates the possibility of practical implementation of this principle for rail electric transport in the mining industry. The ...
  • Topology Optimization of Rotor Bars Geometry and Arrangement for a Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine 

    Bárta, Jan; Knebl, Ladislav; Bramerdorfer, Gerd; Lolová, Iveta; Silber, Siegfried; Vítek, Ondřej (IEEE, 2021-08-13)
    An optimally designed line-start permanent magnet synchronous machine may require a different squirrel-cage design than traditional induction machines. The objective of this paper is to apply topology optimization based ...
  • TRIZ already 35 years in the Czech Republic 

    Bušov, Bohuslav; Žídek, Jan; Bartlová, Milada (Elsevier B.V., 2016-02-10)
    In this paper the authors summarize the experience of teaching and implementation TRIZ at technical universities and findings from teaching and applications in companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the last 35 years.