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Inventory of urban planning before and now

dc.contributor.authorBureš, David
dc.identifier.citationTypologie (n)ostalgie. 2013 s. 59-64. ISBN 978-80-7204-858-8cs
dc.description.abstractHledání paralel vývoje urbanistické strategie rozvoje a revitalizace centra města v uplynulých 100 letech.cs
dc.description.abstractThe search for parallels in the advancement of urban strategies concerning development and revitalization of the city center during the last 100 years. Topical studying of Rozštlapil's concepts for the localities which have not been satisfyingly planned yet show a similarity to the situation in which the center of Brno found itself a hundred years ago. The construction activity in the historical parts does not have a clear and strong urban-planning concept. Only small parcels are dealt with, without any more profound relation to the territorial unit. Every construction intention in the city conservation areas is assessed anxiously, the important points of view for a global strategy of future development are still missing. Controversial interventions are carried out, contaminating the city forever. Unlike the generation of architects from the beginning of the 20th century, there is a lack of laws controlling the construction in city centers. A continual will of the city representation is absent and so is a vision of any type. Based on the presently available possibilities and needs, the students of the master degree program at FA VUT Brno are dealing with a parallel vision for a concept of construction in the city center. The content of a four-semester work called „Inventura stavění v městské památkové rezervaci“ is a verification and analysis of hidden reserves in the modern city structure. The indication of possibilities of architectural interventions into the historical structure of the center as well as the courage of Václav Rozštlapil's concepts may reach many, not only the architectonic public.en
dc.publisherAkademické nakladatelství CERMcs
dc.relation.ispartofTypologie (n)ostalgiecs
dc.rights© Akademické nakladatelství CERMcs
dc.subjectměstské strategiecs
dc.subjectrozvoj městcs
dc.subjectregulace vnitřního města Brna (městská soutěž 1924)cs
dc.subjecturban strategiesen
dc.subjectcity developmenten
dc.subjectRegulation of Inner city of Brno (urban competition 1924)en
dc.titleInventura stavění dříve a dnescs
dc.title.alternativeInventory of urban planning before and nowen
eprints.affiliatedInstitution.departmentFakulta architekturycs
but.event.date07. 11. 2013cs
but.event.titleTypologie (n)ostalgie – Věda ve výstavběcs

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