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  • Ternary binder based plasters with improved thermal insulating ability 

    Čáchová, Monika; Koňáková, Dana; Vejmelková, Eva; Vyšvařil, Martin (IOP Publishing, 2017-10-25)
    New kind of plasters with improved thermal insulating ability are presented in this article. Improvement was reached by utilization of lightweight expanded perlite with high porosity. The second used aggregate was silica ...
  • Thermal behaviour of metakaolin/fly ash geopolymers with chamotte aggregate 

    Rovnaník, Pavel; Halasová, Kristýna (MDPI, 2016-06-30)
    Geopolymers are generally appreciated for their good resistance against high temperatures. This paper compares the influence of thermal treatment with temperatures ranging from 200–1200 °C on the mechanical properties and ...