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  • Advanced Microscopical Non-Invasive Examination of the Supposed Migrastatics for Impact on In Vitro Cell Migration 

    Šuráňová, Markéta; Zábranská, Magdaléna; Kolínková, Veronika; Muchová, Nikola; Jůzová, Veronika; Chmelík, Radim; Veselý, Pavel (European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy, 2022-07-02)
    Live H1299 lung carcinoma cells in vitro were exposed to selected drugs with a presumed antimigration activity that implies antimetastatic potential and time-lapse examined with Coherence Controlled Holography Microscopy ...
  • Migrastatics-Anti-metastatic and Anti-invasion Drugs: Promises and Challenges 

    Gandalovičová, Aneta; Rösel, Daniel; Fernandes, Michael; Veselý, Pavel; Henenberg, Petr; Čermák, Vladimír; Petruželka, Luboš; Kumar, Sunil; Sanz-Moreno, Victoria; Brábek, Jan (Elsevier, 2017-06-01)
    In solid cancers, invasion and metastasis account for more than 90% of mortality. However, in the current armory of anticancer therapies, a specific category of anti-invasion and antimetastatic drugs is missing. Here, we ...