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  • An Experimental Training Production Line to Demonstrate the Basics of Industry 4.0 

    Marcoň, Petr; Jirsa, Jan; Venkrbec, Lukáš; Zezulka, František; Benešl, Tomáš; Kaczmarczyk, Václav; Arm, Jakub (ELSEVIER, 2022-05-19)
    The paper deals with appropriate possibilities, instrumentation, and technologies for purposes of education, presentation, teaching and research, and development of technologies and procedures of Industry 4.0 ideas, and ...
  • New Approaches to Implementing the SmartJacket into Industry 4.0 

    Marcoň, Petr; Arm, Jakub; Benešl, Tomáš; Zezulka, František; Diedrich, Christian; Schröder, Tizian; Belyaev, Alexander; Dohnal, Přemysl; Kříž, Tomáš; Bradáč, Zdeněk (MDPI, 2019-04-02)
    The paper discusses the possibilities of incorporating sensors and indicators into the environment of an Industry 4.0 digital factory. The concept of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is characterized via a brief description of the RAMI ...