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  • Characterization of Powder Metallurgy Processed Pure Magnesium Materials for Biomedical Applications 

    Březina, Matěj; Minda, Jozef; Doležal, Pavel; Krystýnová, Michaela; Fintová, Stanislava; Zapletal, Josef; Wasserbauer, Jaromír; Ptáček, Petr (MDPI AG, 2017-10-31)
    Magnesium and its alloys are modern lightweight materials applicable in a wide range of industrial fields from aerospace and automotive to biomedical applications. Its main advantages are a good strength to weight ratio ...
  • The effect of heat-treatment on properties of Ni-P coatings deposited on AZ91 magnesium alloy 

    Buchtík, Martin; Krystýnová, Michaela; Másilko, Jiří; Wasserbauer, Jaromír (MDPI, 2019-07-23)
    The present study reports the effect of phosphorus content in deposited electroless nickel (Ni–P) coatings, the heat treatment on the microhardness and its microstructural characteristics, and the influence of the temperature ...
  • Preparation and Characterization of Zinc Materials Prepared by Powder Metallurgy 

    Krystýnová, Michaela; Doležal, Pavel; Fintová, Stanislava; Březina, Matěj; Zapletal, Josef; Wasserbauer, Jaromír (MDPI, 2017-09-27)
    The use of zinc-based materials as biodegradable materials for medical purposes is offered as a possible alternative to corrosion-less resistant magnesium-based materials. Zinc powders with two different particle sizes ...