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  • Characterization of GaAs Solar Cells under Supercontinuum Long-Time Illumination 

    Papež, Nikola; Dallaev, Rashid; Kaspar, Pavel; Sobola, Dinara; Škarvada, Pavel; Ţălu, Ştefan; Ramazanov, Shikhgasan; Nebojsa, Alois (MDPI, 2021-01-19)
    This work is dedicated to the description of the degradation of GaAs solar cells under continuous laser irradiation. Constant and strong exposure of the solar cell was performed over two months. Time-dependent electrical ...
  • Surface Analyses of PVDF/NMP/[EMIM][TFSI] Solid Polymer Electrolyte 

    Sedlák, Petr; Sobola, Dinara; Gajdoš, Adam; Dallaev, Rashid; Nebojsa, Alois; Kuberský, Petr (MDPI, 2021-08-11)
    Thermal treatment conditions of solid polymer polymer electrolyte (SPE) were studied with respect to their impact on the surface morphology, phase composition and chemical composition of an imidazolium ionic-liquid-based ...
  • Surface Modification and Enhancement of Ferromagnetism in BiFeO3 Nanofilms Deposited on HOPG 

    Ramazanov, Shihgasan; Sobola, Dinara; Orudzhev, Farid; Knápek, Alexandr; Polčák, Josef; Potoček, Michal; Kaspar, Pavel; Dallaev, Rashid (MDPI, 2020-10-09)
    BiFeO3 (BFO) films on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) substrate were obtained by the atomic layer deposition (ALD) method. The oxidation of HOPG leads to the formation of bubble regions creating defective regions ...