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  • Full-Range Optical Imaging of Planar Collagen Fiber Orientation Using Polarized Light Microscopy 

    Turčanová, Michaela; Hrtoň, Martin; Dvořák, Petr; Novák, Kamil; Hermanová, Markéta; Bednařík, Zdeněk; Polzer, Stanislav; Burša, Jiří (Hindawi, 2021-11-28)
    A novel method for semiautomated assessment of directions of collagen fibers in soft tissues using histological image analysis is presented. It is based on multiple rotated images obtained via polarized light microscopy ...
  • High-Resolution Quantitative Phase Imaging of Plasmonic Metasurfaces with Sensitivity down to a Single Nanoantenna 

    Bouchal, Petr; Dvořák, Petr; Babocký, Jiří; Bouchal, Zdeněk; Ligmajer, Filip; Hrtoň, Martin; Křápek, Vlastimil; Faßbender, Alexander; Linden, Stefan; Chmelík, Radim; Šikola, Tomáš (American Chemical Society, 2019-01-02)
    Optical metasurfaces have emerged as a new generation of building blocks for multifunctional optics. Design and realization of metasurface elements place everincreasing demands on accurate assessment of phase alterations ...
  • Imaging of near-field interference patterns by a-SNOM – influence of illumination wavelength and polarization state 

    Dvořák, Petr; Édes, Zoltán; Kvapil, Michal; Šamořil, Tomáš; Ligmajer, Filip; Hrtoň, Martin; Kalousek, Radek; Křápek, Vlastimil; Dub, Petr; Spousta, Jiří; Varga, Peter; Šikola, Tomáš (Optical Society of America, 2017-07-05)
    Scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) in combination with interference structures is a powerful tool for imaging and analysis of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). However, the correct interpretation of SNOM images ...
  • Independent engineering of individual plasmon modes in plasmonic dimers with conductive and capacitive coupling 

    Křápek, Vlastimil; Konečná, Andrea; Horák, Michal; Ligmajer, Filip; Stöger-Pollach, Michael; Hrtoň, Martin; Babocký, Jiří; Šikola, Tomáš (WALTER DE GRUYTER GMBH, 2020-03-01)
    We revisit plasmon modes in nanoparticle dimers with conductive or insulating junction resulting in conductive or capacitive coupling. In our study, which combines electron energy loss spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy, ...
  • Limits of Babinet’s principle for solid and hollow plasmonic antennas 

    Horák, Michal; Křápek, Vlastimil; Hrtoň, Martin; Konečná, Andrea; Ligmajer, Filip; Stöger-Pollach, Michael; Šamořil, Tomáš; Paták, Aleš; Édes, Zoltán; Metelka, Ondřej; Babocký, Jiří; Šikola, Tomáš (Springer Nature, 2019-12-01)
    We present an experimental and theoretical study of Babinet’s principle of complementarity in plasmonics.We have used spatially-resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence to investigate electromagnetic ...
  • Magnetic Near Field Imaging with Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Based on Babinet's Principle 

    Horák, Michal; Křápek, Vlastimil; Hrtoň, Martin; Konečná, Andrea; Ligmajer, Filip; Stöger-Pollach, Michael; Šikola, Tomáš (Cambridge University Press, 2020-07-30)
    We present a study of Babinet’s principle of complementarity in plasmonics focused on measuring the magnetic near field by EELS. We have studied bow-tie and diabolo antennas and elementary disc-shaped plasmonic antennas.
  • Plasmonic Antennas with Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Hot Spots Based on Babinet's Principle 

    Hrtoň, Martin; Konečná, Andrea; Horák, Michal; Šikola, Tomáš; Křápek, Vlastimil (American Physical Society, 2020-05-19)
    We theoretically study plasmonic antennas featuring areas of extremely concentrated electric or magnetic field, known as hot spots. We combine two types of electric-magnetic complementarity to increase the degree of freedom ...
  • Plasmonic Metasurface Resonators to Enhance Terahertz Magnetic Fields for High-Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance 

    Tesi, Lorenzo; Bloos, Dominik; Hrtoň, Martin; Beneš, Adam; Hentschel, Mario; Kern, Michal; Leavesley, Alisa; Hillenbrand, Rainer; Křápek, Vlastimil; Šikola, Tomáš; van Slageren, Joris (Wiley-VCH, 2021-09-15)
    Nanoscale magnetic systems play a decisive role in areas ranging from biology to spintronics. Although, in principle, THz electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) provides high-resolution access to their properties, lack of ...
  • Single-Shot Three-Dimensional Orientation Imaging of Nanorods Using Spin to Orbital Angular Momentum Conversion 

    Fordey, Tomáš; Bouchal, Petr; Schovánek, Petr; Baránek, Michal; Bouchal, Zdeněk; Dvořák, Petr; Hrtoň, Martin; Rovenská, Katarína; Ligmajer, Filip; Chmelík, Radim; Šikola, Tomáš (American Chemical Society, 2021-08-25)
    The key information about any nanoscale system relates to the orientations and conformations of its parts. Unfortunately, these details are often hidden below the diffraction limit, and elaborate techniques must be used ...