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  • Subpicosecond metamagnetic phase transition in FeRh driven by non-equilibrium electron dynamics 

    Pressacco, Frederico; Sangalli, Davide; Uhlíř, Vojtěch; Kutnyakhov, Dmytro; Arregi Uribeetxebarria, Jon Ander; Agustsson, Steinn Ymir; Brenner, Günter; Redlin, Harald; Heber, Michael; Vasilyev, Dmitry; Demsar, Jure; Schönhense, Gerd; Gatti, Matteo; Marini, Andrea; Wurth, Wilfried; Sirotti, Fausto (Nature Portfolio, 2021-08-24)
    In FeRh, it is possible to optically drive a phase transition between ferromagnetic (FM) and anti-ferromagnetic (AFM) ordering. Here, using a combination of photoelectron spectroscopy and ab-initio calculations, the authors ...