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  • Multi-instrumental Analysis of Tissues of Sunflower Plants Treated with Silver(I) Ions - Plants as Bioindicators of Environmental Pollution 

    Křížková, Soňa; Kryštofová, Olga; Adam, Vojtěch; Vašinová Galiová, Michaela; Beklová, Miroslava; Babula, Petr; Kaiser, Jozef; Liška, Miroslav; Malina, Radomír; Zehnálek, Josef; Hubálek, Jaromír; Kizek, René (MDPI, 2008-01-24)
    The aim of this work is to investigate sunflower plants response on stress induced by silver(I) ions. The sunflower plants were exposed to silver(I) ions (0, 0.1, 0.5, and 1 mM) for 96 h. Primarily we aimed our attention ...
  • Sunflower Plants as Bioindicators of Environmental Pollution with Lead (II) Ions 

    Kryštofová, Olga; Shestivska, Violetta; Vašinová Galiová, Michaela; Novotný, Karel; Kaiser, Jozef; Zehnálek, Josef; Babula, Petr; Opatřilová, Radka; Adam, Vojtěch; Kizek, René (MDPI, 2009-06-25)
    In this study, the influence of lead (II) ions on sunflower growth and biochemistry was investigated from various points of view. Sunflower plants were treated with 0, 10, 50, 100 and/or 500 mu M Pb-EDTA for eight days. ...