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  • High-Performance Concretes Intended for Deep Foundations of Constructions 

    Ťažký, Martin; Hela, Rudolf (Horizon Research Publishing Corporation, 2020-02-08)
    The term high-performance concrete (HPC) can be used to classify any concrete mixture that possesses some added value. One such category of concrete is concrete mixtures used in pile foundation, which must only allow a low ...
  • Variability in cement properties - influence on bleeding of cement paste 

    Jančaříková, Denisa; Hela, Rudolf; Netsvet, Daria Dmitrievna; Peřina, Tomáš (IOP Publishing, 2018-06-15)
    The aim of this study is to find relation between cement properties and tendency of cement paste (concrete) to bleeding. We tested 19 cement samples collected from different batches.