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  • Behaviour of cement composites with lightweight and heavyweight aggregates at high temperatures 

    Bodnárová, Lenka; Peterková, Jitka; Brožovský, Jiří; Zach, Jiří; Válek, Jaroslav (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2017-03-24)
    This paper presents new results of the research of the influence of individual input components done on the behaviour of cement based composite materials exposed to high temperatures. A new approach of this research lies ...
  • Techniques of Soil Modification for Re-use in Construction 

    Michalčíková, Magdaléna; Drochytka, Rostislav (IOP Publishing, 2018-07-16)
    Nowadays effort is made to study what effects may impact the environment and to address the issue of waste management. The majority of all waste produced is construction waste and demolition debris (approx. 65%). This ...