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  • The potential use of the FBC ash for the preparation of blended cements 

    Gazdič, Dominik; Fridrichová, Marcela; Kulísek, Karel; Vehovská, Ludmila (Elsevier, 2017-05-25)
    Ashes from fluidized bed combustion, i.e. FBC ashes, are not being practically used for the production of hydraulic binders. The problem is their chemical and mineralogical composition. FBC ashes are characterized by a ...
  • Study of hydration process of ternesite clinker 

    Fridrichová, Marcela; Gazdič, Dominik; Dvořák, Karel; Pekárková, Jana; Kulísek, Karel (IOP Publishing, 2018-07-16)
    Currently ternesite, Ca5(SiO4)2SO4, is used in the cement production, is one of two key phases of calcium sulfoaluminate cement. Some investigators claim that this phase is nearly inert or very low reactive and it hydrates ...