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  • Analysis of Daylight Control in a Chateau Interior 

    Mohelníková, Jitka; Miček, Denis; Floreková, Skarleta; Selucká, Alena; Dvořák, Martin (MDPI, 2018-05-15)
    Assessment of daylighting in the residential hall of a historical chateau is presented. The evaluation is based on both the daylight measurement and simulations. Illuminance levels in the interior were controlled in ...
  • Thermal Analysis of Light Pipes for Insulated Flat Roofs 

    Šikula, Ondřej; Mohelníková, Jitka; Plášek, Josef (Elsevier B.V., 2014-10-22)
    Light pipes transmit daylight into building interiors. Their installation into thermally insulated roofs of low energy buildings can be a problem because of thermal bridges and condensation problems. This article is focused ...
  • Thermal CFD Analysis of Tubular Light Guides 

    Šikula, Ondřej; Mohelníková, Jitka; Plášek, Josef (MDPI, 2013-12-03)
    Tubular light guides are applicable for daylighting of windowless areas in buildings. Despite their many positive indoor climate aspects they can also present some problems with heat losses and condensation. A computer CFD ...