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  • Multimodal Features for Detection of Driver Stress and Fatigue: Review 

    Němcová, Andrea; Svozilová, Veronika; Bucsuházy, Kateřina; Smíšek, Radovan; Mézl, Martin; Hesko, Branislav; Belák, Michal; Bilík, Martin; Maxera, Pavel; Seitl, Martin; Dominik, Tomáš; Semela, Marek; Šucha, Matúš; Kolář, Radim (IEEE, 2020-03-10)
    Driver fatigue and stress significantly contribute to higher number of car accidents worldwide. Although, different detection approaches have been already commercialized and used by car producers (and third party companies), ...
  • Safe or unsafe driving maneuvers in road traffic 

    Tokař, Stanislav (Palacký University in Olomouc, 2017-12-18)
    This article represents an area closely connected to the analysis of road accidents. When the act of accident is being considered by an expert, it often happens that one participant of the accident causes that the other ...