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  • Design of hydraulic recuperation unit 

    Jandourek, Pavel; Habán, Vladimír; Hudec, Martin; Dobšáková, Lenka; Štefan, David (EDP Sciences, 2015-11-17)
    Article deals with design and measurement of hydraulic recuperation unit. Recuperation unit consist of radial turbine and axial pump, which are coupled on the same shaft. Speed of shaft with impellers are 6000 1/min. For ...
  • Valve exploiting the principle of a side channel turbine 

    Jandourek, Pavel; Pochylý, František; Habán, Vladimír (IOP Publishing, 2017-04-04)
    The presented article deals with a side channel turbine, which can be used as a suitable substitute for a pressure reducing valve. Pressure reducing valves are a source of high hydraulic losses. The aim is to replace them ...