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  • Manipulation of the swirling flow instability in hydraulic turbine diffuser by different methods of water injection 

    Rudolf, Pavel; Litera, Jiří; Ibarra Bolanos, Germán Alejandro; Štefan, David (EDP Sciences, 2018-06-04)
    Vortex rope, which induces substantial pressure pulsations, arises in the draft tube (diffuser) of Francis turbine for off-design operating conditions. Present paper focuses on mitigation of those pulsations using active ...
  • Optimization of hydraulic turbine diffuser 

    Moravec, Prokop; Hliník, Juraj; Rudolf, Pavel (EDP Sciences, 2016-03-28)
    Hydraulic turbine diffuser recovers pressure energy from residual kinetic energy on turbine runner outlet. Efficiency of this process is especially important for high specific speed turbines, where almost 50% of available ...