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  • An unconventional rubber torsional vibration damper with two degrees of freedom 

    Píštěk, Václav; Kučera, Pavel; Kravchenko, Kostiantyn; Svída, David (JVE International, 2017-09-27)
    Rubber torsional dampers with one degree of freedom are a long-time proven tool for vibration damping in crank mechanisms, especially for passenger cars. Their advantages include, in particular, a relatively simple design ...
  • Using spectral analysis for flat wheel detections 

    Píštěk, Václav; Kučera, Pavel (JVE International, 2017-09-27)
    The following article describes measurement data processing for detecting flat spots on wheels of railway cars. This type of defect usually causes significant impact wear of railway infrastructure that can lead to different ...
  • Weight and price optimization of truss construction with using genetic algorithm 

    Zeizinger, Lukáš; Jonák, Martin (UJEP, 2020-08-18)
    This article deals with optimization of the truss structure. A genetic algorithm is used for this optimization. Within the strength calculation of the truss structure a normative assessment of the beam and their buckling ...