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  • Exponential stability of perturbed linear discrete systems 

    Diblík, Josef; Khusainov, Denys; Baštinec, Jaromír; Sirenko, Andrii (Springer, 2016-01-29)
    The paper considers the problem of exponential stability and convergence rate to solutions of perturbed linear discrete homogeneous systems. New criteria on exponential stability are derived by using the second method of ...
  • Bounded and unbounded non-oscillatory solutions of a four-dimensional nonlinear neutral difference system 

    Diblík, Josef; Lupinska, Barbara; Růžičková, Miroslava; Zonenberg, Joanna (Springer Nature, 2015-10-15)
    The paper is concerned with a four-dimensional nonlinear difference system with delayed arguments where the first equation of the system is of a neutral type. A classification of non-oscillatory solutions is given and ...