Recent Submissions

  • Aerodynamic shape optimization of an airliner elastic wing 

    Navrátil, Jan (EDP Sciences, 2017-11-08)
    Aerodynamic shape optimization of a common airliner elastic wing is presented and compared with optimization of the same wing assuming rigid structure. A gradient-based optimization approach is applied in connection with ...
  • Failure Index Based Topology Optimization for Multiple Properties 

    Löffelmann, František (Brno University of Technology, 2017-05-15)
    Aim of the presented work is to introduce a method which is being coded. It works in conjunction with an open-source finite element solver CalculiX. One of the topology optimization methods - The Bi-directional Evolutionary ...
  • Wake vortex gliding 

    Zikmund, Pavel (2015-06-29)
    Airplanes and birds can save energy by flying in formation. The energy is harvested from the wake vortex of the formation leader. This paper brings flight performance feasibility study of an extreme formation when a big ...