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  • Vacuum deposited Diphenyl-Diketo-Pyrrolopyrrol solar cell structures 

    Georgieva, Galya; Dobrikov, Georgi; Heinrichová, Patricie; Karashanova, Daniela; Dimov, Deyan; Vala, Martin; Weiter, Martin; Zhivkov, Ivaylo (IOP Publishing, 2016-04-07)
    In the present paper, DPP(TBFu)2:C60 donor-acceptor composite films were prepared by vacuum co-deposition and the photoelectrical properties of ITO|PEDOT:PSS| DPP(TBFu)2:C60|Al solar cell samples were investigated.
  • Vacuum Deposited Diphenyl-Diketo-Pyrrolopyrroles Structures with Photoelectrical Application 

    Georgiev, Yavor; Zhivkov, Ivaylo; Angelov, George; Takov, Tihomir; Přikryl, Radek; Stříteský, Stanislav; Vrchotová, Jana; Weiter, Martin (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2014-05-15)
    ITO|composite|Al structures with active DPP-C60 composite films (ratio 60:40 mass %) of about 100 nm thicknesses were prepared. The surface morphology of the films was studied by SEM imaging, which revealed uniform films ...
  • Vacuum Rabi splitting of a dark plasmonic cavity mode revealed by fast electrons 

    Bitton, Ora; Gupta, Satyendra Nath; Houben, Lothar; Kvapil, Michal; Křápek, Vlastimil; Šikola, Tomáš; Haran, Gilad (Springer Nature, 2020-12-01)
    Recent years have seen a growing interest in strong coupling between plasmons and excitons, as a way to generate new quantum optical testbeds and influence chemical dynamics and reactivity. Strong coupling to bright plasmonic ...
  • Validation of Fractional-Order Lowpass Elliptic Responses of (1 + )-Order Analog Filters 

    Kubánek, David; Freeborn, Todd; Koton, Jaroslav; Dvořák, Jan (MDPI, 2018-12-13)
    In this paper, fractional-order transfer functions to approximate the passband and stopband ripple characteristics of a second-order elliptic lowpass filter are designed and validated. The necessary coefficients for these ...
  • Validation of Microscopic Traffic Models Based on GPS Precise Measurement of Vehicle Dynamics 

    Apeltauer, Tomáš; Macur, Jiří; Holcner, Petr; Radimský, Michal (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, 2013-03-13)
    In this article we discuss validation of selected microscopic traffic models, based on the comparison of simulated vehicle dynamics with observed dynamic characteristics of vehicles recorded by the precise geodetic GPS equipment.
  • Value of Construction Company and its Dependence on Significant Variables 

    Vítková, Eva; Hromádka, Vít; Hort, Eva (IOP Publishing, 2017-10-25)
    The paper deals with the value of the construction company assessment respecting usable approaches and determinable variables. The reasons of the value of the construction company assessment are ...
  • The Value of Geographic Locations Submitted by Internet Users 

    Komosný, Dan; Mehic, Miralem (IEEE, 2018-10-22)
    Internet users may be asked to manually provide their contact details including city or full postal address. Examples include use of trial/free applications and services, filling out on-line surveys and petitions, and ...
  • Valve exploiting the principle of a side channel turbine 

    Jandourek, Pavel; Pochylý, František; Habán, Vladimír (IOP Publishing, 2017-04-04)
    The presented article deals with a side channel turbine, which can be used as a suitable substitute for a pressure reducing valve. Pressure reducing valves are a source of high hydraulic losses. The aim is to replace them ...
  • Variability in cement properties - influence on bleeding of cement paste 

    Jančaříková, Denisa; Hela, Rudolf; Netsvet, Daria Dmitrievna; Peřina, Tomáš (IOP Publishing, 2018-06-15)
    The aim of this study is to find relation between cement properties and tendency of cement paste (concrete) to bleeding. We tested 19 cement samples collected from different batches.
  • VDIBA-Based Fractional-Order Oscillator Design 

    Kartci, Aslihan; Herencsár, Norbert; Dvořák, Jan; Vrba, Kamil (IEEE, 2019-07-01)
    This paper deals with a voltage-mode integer- and fractional-order oscillator design providing compact and simple CMOS structure. The proposed circuit consists of only one grounded/floating capacitor, one grounded/floating ...
  • Velocity profiles in idealized model of human respiratory tract 

    Elcner, Jakub; Jedelský, Jan; Lízal, František; Jícha, Miroslav (EDP Sciences, 2012-11-20)
    This article deals with numerical simulation focused on velocity profiles in idealized model of human upper airways during steady inspiration. Three regimes of breathing were investigated: Resting condition, Deep breathing ...
  • Verification of Fuzzy Inference System for Cutting Speed while WEDM for the Abrasion-Resistant Steel Creusabro by Conventional Statistical Methods 

    Mouralová, Kateřina; Hrabec, Pavel; Beneš, Libor; Otoupalík, Jan; Bednář, Josef; Prokeš, Tomáš; Matoušek, Radomil (MDPI, 2020-01-04)
    Wire electrical discharge machining is an unconventional machining method for the production of complex-shaped and very precise parts. Because of the high energy consumption of this machining process, it is necessary to ...
  • Verification of Nine-phase PMSM Model in d-q Coordinates with Mutual Couplings 

    Kozovský, Matúš; Blaha, Petr; Václavek, Pavel (IEEE, 2016-11-25)
    Electric motors with more than three phases have many advantages comparing to ordinary three-phase motor. For this reason it is natural to pay attention to them and to work on advanced control methods. Control algorithms ...
  • Verification of prediction method for energy consumption of machine tool feed axes 

    Tůma, Jiří; Tůma, Zdeněk; Synek, Miloš (MM publishing Ltd., 2016-09-06)
    Energy efficiency of electrical appliances is highly debated topic at present. This topic is transferred especially in industries where are the effects of savings much more significant due to higher energy consumption. In ...
  • Verification of the Possibility of Solidification Product Made of Neutralization Sludge use in the Building Industry 

    Dohnálková, Božena; Drochytka, Rostislav; Černý, Vít (Elsevier, 2013-05-16)
    This paper deals with hazardous waste solidification /stabilisation, specifically neutralization sludge that comes from active industrial sources and neutralization sludge that comes from old ecological sources. As ...
  • Vertical Distribution of Air Temperatures in Heated Dwelling Rooms 

    Šikula, Ondřej (FINVAC - The Finnish Association of HVAC, 2007-07-13)
    The paper presents an experimental and theoretic research on one of factors influencing the indoor climate in dwelling rooms heated by heating systems, the vertical distribution of temperatures. The paper summarizes results ...
  • Videokonferenční technologie v praxi - Vidět a slyšet na dálku 

    Oujezský, Václav (Thomas Taylor s.r.o., 2008-01-20)
    Článek podrobně rozebírá problematiku videokonferenční technologie. Vysvětluje jednotlivé základní části použitých zařízení a skupin protokolů. V konečné části poskytuje přehled hardwarové a softwarové implementace ...
  • Visible Light Communication: A System Perspective - Overview and Challenges 

    Rehman, Saeed; Ullah, Shakir; Chong, Peter; Yongchareon, Sira; Komosný, Dan (MDPI, 2019-03-07)
    Visible light communication (VLC) is a new paradigm that could revolutionise the future of wireless communication. In VLC, information is transmitted through modulating the visible light spectrum (400–700 nm) that is used ...
  • Visual Measurement of Material Segregation in Steel Wires 

    Červinka, Luděk; Horák, Karel (Elsevier, 2014-03-25)
    In this article we introduce a visual measurement system intended for an automatic determination of material segregation in steel wires as a feedback quality control. Our system is based on an image processing which ...
  • Visualization of internal 3D structure of small live seed on germination by laboratory-based X-ray microscopy with phase contrast computed tomography 

    Kunishima, Naoki; Takeda, Yoshihiro; Hirose, Raita; Kalasová, Dominika; Šalplachta, Jakub; Omote, Kazuhiko (BioMed Central, 2020-02-01)
    The visualization of internal 3D-structure of tissues at micron resolutions without staining by contrast reagents is desirable in plant researches, and it can be achieved by an X-ray computed tomography (CT) with a ...